Irish government U-Turn on upward-only rent reviews

Ireland’s government is set to abandon plans to outlaw upward-only rent reviews for commercial property.

Retail lobby groups were briefed on Friday that the plan to introduce retrospective downward rent reviews on commercial property and ban future upward-only rent reviews were likely to face insurmountable constitutional difficulties.

The likely move is a blow for tenants facing huge above-market rents agreed during the boom years of the Celtic Tiger.

But it is a key victory for landlords facing a further hit to the value of property which has already fallen around 60% from the height of the market, according to IPD, and particularly the Irish National Asset Management Agency, which bought €71bn of property loans from the nation’s banks.

Nama is now the de facto largest property owner in Ireland, and has said that a ban on upward-only reviews could cost it €2bn in property losses.

The pledge to end upward-only reviews was a key part of Fine Gael’s pre-election manifesto when it came to power in a coalition with the Irish Labour Party in February.

Story by Mike Philips on on 21/11/11